The Atlantic Salmon

Atlantic Salmon -fly fishing - Miramichi River, New Brunswick

The last two seasons had even the oldest veterans of the river talking about the simply astonishing numbers of fish.  These have started in late May and continued until September.

Atlantic Salmon Runs, Conservation & Ecology of the Miramichi

The Miramichi river system is the largest producer of Atlantic Salmon in North America.   Recent runs over the last decade have ranged from 40,000-160,000 Atlantic Salmon.  Accurate comparative results are difficult to ascertain however the rod returns from the Miramichi are probably similar in quantity to that of all the combined rivers in Iceland, which as all keen anglers know is a veritable mecca for salmon fishermen.  

The exceptional runs of late may be attributed to two principal factors,  the first being the ASF orchestrated campaign resulting in the successful buy-out of all of Canada’s commercial Atlantic Salmon fishermen and more recently the collaboration between the ASF and the NASF to suspend Greenland’s commercial Salmon fishery.  A third reason that may have further improved the strength of the salmon runs may be on account of the closure of two wood pulp factories on the lower Miramichi.  

Regardless of the contributing factors, the net result is a river that currently has an astonishingly healthy run of Atlantic Salmon.