The Fly Fishing

The Miramichi River may appear idyllic, but the Salmon fishing is anything but!  The river is historically renowned for its huge runs of Salmon!

Blissfield Lodge Salmon Pools & Fishing

For those unfamiliar with fishing on the Miramichi there are a wide range of outfitters up and down the river offering an ‘assortment’ of fishing packages ranging from public access ‘crown’ water to privately owned pools, some of which may be proprietary to the outfitter in question and some of which may be leased.  Numbers of rods on pools can vary dramatically, but the privacy and exclusivity that European Salmon anglers might be accustomed to is far from guaranteed.

Spey-casting champion Scott Mackenzie enjoying the early morning sun on the Miramichi
The Old River Lodge at Blissfield has adopted a position and ethos that is unique to any outfitter or lodge operator on the Miramichi and is encapsulated in the lodge statement of intent.

  • Rod numbers on any given pool will be strictly limited.
  •  The fishing will be on private water that will be exclusive to the lodge.
  •  The lodge owns or hold leases on water that can be considered amongst the very best available Salmon Pools on the Miramichi.
  •  Anglers will fish in rotation the widest range of water available to the lodge to ensure diversity of fishing and scenery.

It is not possible at this stage to provide catch returns for recent seasons as the fishery has been in the development phase.   Pools have been acquired and the lodge unoccupied whilst it has been redeveloped and constructed.   Having viewed and fished the water on offer we at WhereWiseMenFish can vouch for the bold assertions made by the lodge and look forward to seeing The Old River Lodge grow into what we believe will become ‘The Lodge’ to fish at on the Miramichi.