The Flies

The Miramichi "Cigar-Butt" or "Bomber" salmon fly

A quintessential "Bomber" style salmon fly

Dry Fly-Fishing for Salmon:   Fishing for salmon with a dry fly is one of the most popular and successful means of catching Salmon on Canadian Rivers.  It has been suggested that a reason for this is on account of the geographic proximity of the Salmon to their feeding grounds in Greenland.   Unlike Salmon running  rivers in Scotland or Norway the urge or instinct to feed is still ‘alive’ and hence they apparently break the rules by ‘feeding’.  Of course it may also be for some totally different reason, a genetic imprint from their earlier feeding behaviour whilst in the river.  Whatever the reason, which will undoubtedly continue to be a topic of enthusiastic discussion, a fact that is assured is that Atlantic Salmon in Canadian Rivers will at times very readily take a dry fly.   Typically these are dead-drifted but the hitched or skated fly can be equally effective.

Top 10 Recommended Canada Salmon Dry Flies:   The list is far from extensive and is ever-changing, however here are some of the best Atlantic Salmon dry flies for Canada and the Gaspe Peninsula:

  • Black Bomber
  • Brown & White Bomber
  • Brown & White-Chartreuse Tail Bomber
  • Chocolate Bomber
  • Burdock Dry Fly
  • Labatt Blue Wulff Bomber
  • Natural & Orange Cigar Bomber
  • Shrimp Cigar Bomber
  • White Wulff
  • Royal Wulff

Top 10 Recommended Canada Salmon Wet Flies:   Many of the Atlantic Salmon patterns used in Eastern Canada are fairly standard traditional Salmon flies as used all over the world.  That said there have been a huge number of very effective patterns that have been developed over the years which now take pre-eminent positions in many fly-boxes; the Green Machine being one name that resonates in a great many catch record books.   Single hooks are very popular.  It should be noted that treble hooks and salmon flies with weighted bodies are illegal.

  •  Green Machine & Variants
  • Glitter Bugs
  • Black Bear Green Butt
  • Black & Green Stonefly
  • Blue Charm
  • Green Highlander
  • Pompier
  • Cosseboom
  • Red Francis
  • Undertaker

 Anyone booking an Atlantic Salmon fishing trip to Canada will receive a free box of appropriate salmon flies suitable for your trip