The Miramichi River

The Miramichi is a graceful, ladylike river, the Salmon fishing equivalent of the genteel chalk-streams of Southern England. Smooth-flowing clear waters but with a subtle variety of individually distinctive pools, all of which have excellent access and the sort of firm-bottomed gravel river beds that would serve to reassure even the most uncertain of waders.  

The Miramichi River, Tributaries and Environment

There are few rivers on earth, if any, that can boast such populous runs of Atlantic Salmon as that of the Miramichi; it is unquestionably one of the world’s great Salmon resources.   A day on the Miramichi, at almost any stage of the fishing season, is usually all that it takes to convert any passionate fly-fisherman to not just the potential but the reality of truly spectacular fly fishing.   The Southwest Miramichi is the main stem of the river off which there are over 2 dozen significant tributaries, most of which are superb Atlantic Salmon rivers in their own right.  In turn hundreds of streams, brooks and fingers of water augment these tributaries to the Miramichi.  

In total the Miramichi drains a watershed of some 60,000 square kms with over 1,000 kms of spawning habitat.   Contained within this vast watershed is every type of water that can be considered beneficial to the development of the Atlantic Salmon.  In ecological terms the Miramichi is nothing short of a gigantic salmon incubator!